Liam Reyes is a 23 year old producer/engineer from New Jersey/New York.
Liam Reyes is a 23 year old producer/engineer from New Jersey/New York.

At the early age of 15, Liam started producing records within the confines of his home basement studio. As a teenager in high school, he would do everything in his power to find artists locally and through the internet. These artists would trust him with producing their music and bringing it to the masses. By the time of graduation, he had produced countless albums and singles, affirming within himself that making music was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. 

After 3 years of attending university at William Paterson, Liam took a leap of faith and dropped out to pursue his music career full time.

"Dropping out of school was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but it was necessary in order to kick me into gear and start taking my music seriously"

Leaving university forced Liam to look at his career as a music producer more critically. He began studying Music Business and the complexities of the music industry, later taking that knowledge and applying it to his music and towards aiding his clients.

"My job as a producer is to HELP the artist. This goes further than the music. Every artist has an idea of what they want for their project and for their career as a whole. It's my responsibility to bring that idea to life."


BABYBOYBLUE (also known as Liam Reyes) is a Filipino American Music Producer/Artist based out of New Jersey. Liam has produced, engineered, mixed and mastered music for artists all across the world ranging from many different genres such as Indie Pop, Hip-hop, Rock/Punk and Electronic. A few big upcoming artists he has produced for include Rachel BochnerAmanda YangBianca Jolyn , Chrissie LímosDelly FlayChris and BriKayla HangJustin Magnaye, and many more. 
In 2019, BABYBOYBLUE put out 8 official singles, released multiple remixes on his Youtube Channel, and collaborated with many artists that are currently thriving in the Asian American Music Community. These artists include: Ryan Mitchell Grey, Jesse Barrera, Marylou Villegas and more.
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